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DIY: The steps to sewing your own fabric doll

Of course after seeing all the dolls you want to make one, yes, and please do because these are great fun to make! When you are done you will have a buddy for years to come because these are very strong little dudes.

And so here in this post you see the sequence to sewing a fun fabric doll. I asked my husband and he says he could figure it out with these photos. OK. Let's hope he is correct because I'm skipping the steps where you cut the fabric.

A few things:

Make sure that you use good quality fabrics and stuffing. You don't want to spend all this time working on a doll that falls apart after a few weeks of playing. I use a nice quality natural linen and first tier quilt fabrics for my dolls. The quilt fabric you see here is from the Moda Big Sky series.

Before I cut the pieces for the doll, 1 doll consists of 21 pieces, I iron stabiliser to the fabrics. This is so that the stuffing fibers cannot escape the doll so easily. Also, before I start sewing, I iron the bottom edge to the inside. This makes it easier later on when I sew the doll together.

Sewing the bottom closed takes some creative pinning like you see in step 13 otherwise you will have no space for the machine foot but the rest should be smooth sailing. Enjoy & have fun!

Christel ❤️

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