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DIY: Sewing knits the easy way for doll clothes

I’m sure you have all been there, you are happily and pretty competently sewing along and then you get to a not so fun part. Boo hiss. For me it is the dreaded knit fabric part. Stretchy and just Boo Hiss. Before you know it, work is stalled, tea is being made, coffee is being made but no more sewing...

All MiloMila dolls are dressed in a little T-Shirt, it’s a totally cute look, I love it and it makes the outfit complete buuuuut these things are a pain to sew up. Especially because the other parts are lovely linen and quilt cotton. And I was avoiding to sew the dreaded little things.... an unfinished pile of dolls was starting to happen in my room and all that they were missing was their T-Shirt. Ugh. Knit, bleh, why did I pick that?!

Then I found Wonder Tape. Oh my, the person who came up with this deserves all that she/he wants for life, every Christmas needs to be perfect for this person. This stuff is the boss of knits. The brand name Wonder Tape is made by Dritz and that is the one I use because my machines are pricey and I cannot have them gum up with bad tape. This stuff is worth it anyway because it solves the problem completely.

I simply stick Wonder Tape along the bottom edge of the front, back and sleeves. And TaDa the hems that used to get stretched to over 200% (yes, a bit of an exaggeration) are now staying the same length! The horrid stretchy knit is behaving like a normal fabric and T-Shirt production is in full swing. Dolls are happy because they are getting dressed and all is well with the world.

Christel ❤️

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