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DIY: make a fabulous Craft Show Rolling Display

In 2020 I'm hoping to attend a few craft fairs as a vendor. These will be following a few I did about 25 years ago. Because it has been so long since I was a vendor it's pretty much a whole new start and here you see the first step.

Of course good preparation is important on the road towards having fun and so I'm already looking to sort out my displays. I only had to mention this to my dad once. Only. Once..... and here you see his handiwork! This absolutely fabulous rolling rack is my dad's invention.

My dad is amazing and he does all sorts of stuff like this for me, how great is that?! There are two displays exactly alike and here you see one. A desk chair rolling foot, a stainless post and 7 stainless horizontal bars, pointing 2 ways so there are 14, with little black rubber stoppers so stuff doesn't fall off the end. It packs into a pretty neat package, OK you have to pack the foot, but the rest is nothing much.

Now of course I have to get my skates on and get sewing because these displays pack a ton of things and this one is looking quite desperate for more items. The other one is still completely empty. The dolls and goodies you see are made with the Moda Coney Island fabrics.

Christel ❤️

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