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Sourcing fabrics for the MiloMila Dolls

A while back, Christmas 2016 when we were in CA, I made a fabric doll for a friend and the little buddy turned out very cuddly, hooray, everyone happy. This was not exactly the expected result because even though I made plenty doll clothes and still do, I never really made a doll. Like. Ever. This was my first attempt and I was hooked. That year I made a ton of dolls for charity and wanted more.

It took me quite a while to find my commercial MiloMila voice. That's because there are many parts to a doll and all are yours to design. Linen was going to be my fabric of choice for some of the major parts of the doll. That was easy. Linen is a wonderful material, it’s soft and sturdy at the same time, I love it.

I was wrecking my brains as to what type of fabric would complement linen...  for the first commercial MiloMila dolls, Moda Big Sky fabric line by Annie Brady was the fabric I decided on. I purchased this fabric line in Aug 2017, started working immediately and I was not disappointed. Every single doll came out looking like a fun little dude. I decided to make cats and bunnies because I like those the best and they get along great as we all know.

With the linen details I was thinking that not all fabrics may work... and boy was I wrong 😬. After numerous dolls I now know that virtually all fabrics look great with linen. And that is absolutely fantastic because linen is the perfect material for dolls.

I usually purchase a Fat Quarter bundle of high quality quilt fabrics, working with great materials makes the whole process sooooo much more fun! And I won’t stop until nothing is left. No scraps, no bits, no nothing. At the end I have a happy nest of dressed dolls and usually some other cutesy things.

Christel ❤️

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