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DIY: Sewing a doll face for a fabric doll

This is always an exciting moment: sewing the face for the doll. The face is the first thing that you sew and it is the hardest thing to get right. If the face is not to your liking you will have start again. If you get it right, hooray, this is when the doll comes to life and its personality is born. It's very rewarding when you can see your doll looking at you.

I sew my doll faces freehand but with the machine. I use a variety of machine sewing stitches that I guide to where I want them to be. Lots of people use the embroidery function on their machines to sew doll faces and that is perfectly fine, it will be consistent and neat.  I for me prefer to make them by hand on the machine... if there is such a thing... 🙂.

Let's be honest my faces are done with a machine but as you can see in the photo, any one face is not perfect and that little imperfection will give a more handmade look. All faces will be a smidgen different and at the same time all will be very MiloMila.

The faces took me a while to develop and apart from inspiration the one thing that you will really need is a nice thick stabilizer, I use Pellon Fusible Fleece. The loft makes it all a bit more substantial and you will need that to keep the dense stitching from puckering. The rest is up to you! Start sewing and see what you you like your dolls to look like. Anything goes.

Christel ❤️

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