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The MiloMila Fabric Doll Designs, Bunnies & Cats

As with most good things, the MiloMila dolls came about almost by accident. You know when you are looking for something new to make? Something different? Yes? Well, I was there too.  I wanted to make something different and because of Wollyonline I thought of making a doll. I never made anything like a doll before and wanted to try. And I'm so glad I did.

Admittedly, it took some time but after playing with various designs and after making 20 of the dolls you see above in the photos: I knew that the MiloMila dolls were born! Yes, it turns out that I love making these cuddly buddies. These were going to be my dolls! The doll on the right is still sitting in my room.

I arrived at 4 different head designs: 2 faces and cat or bunny ears. When you mix those up you have 4 different heads. When it comes to the fabrics I always combine natural linen with quilt fat quarters and go from there. These dolls were created with the Moda Just Another Walk in the Woods by Stacy Iest Hsu

Here is how it all comes together: a full fat quarter bundle gets picked out from my personal stash, I only use first tier quilt fabrics for my goods. Then from that bundle, fabrics for dolls and the clothes are chosen. This part takes some careful planning because I need to make sure that I have enough fabric for the dolls and for the clothes. I know from experience that it takes about 3 FQ's per doll if I don't make a single mistake. So I make sure I have a few extra 😀.

All pieces for the dolls and clothes are planned out before I start. Then there is pre-shrinking the fabrics. Cutting the fabrics, this takes considerable time because there are a lot of pieces. Then there is the sewing, putting the doll together and I finish with sewing the clothes.

It takes me a full day to make a single dressed doll. That is because the MiloMila dolls are all fully handmade from start to finish with attention to detail, much love aaaand many pieces. All that takes time. Usually the doll gets sewn up in the morning and in the afternoon I sew all its clothes and she slowly gets dressed in the process. This is not the fastest way but a method that I like best.

At the end of the FQ bundle there is a nest of coordinated and dressed dolls, TaDa. And it's the cutest sight ever. I will have 6-8 of them sitting around in my workroom and they all look like they belong in a family. Such fun.

Christel ❤️

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